5 ways to make your eyes Noticed


5 ways to make your eyes Noticed


1. Layer Your Liner.

Look at your liner – are you using just a pencil or just a wet liner?  You’ll get your best results if you use a combination.  Liquid liner lasts longer, but it’s more difficult to apply.
Tip:  Start with a pencil so you can add guidelines, and then add your liquid layer, as if coloring in the lines.

2. White Highlighter

If your eyes are set closer together (or if you just want an extra element of fun), highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a touch of white powder.  As long as it’s subtle, your eyes will appear wider, and you’ll have that je ne sais quoi of movie starlets from the 40s.





3. Contrasting Colors

Color will always make your eyes stand out – especially if you work with contrasting shades. In this case, use eyeshadow hues that contrast with your natural eye color.

  • Brown eyes – navy blues and deep purples.
  • Blue eyes – browns or coppers.
  • Green eyes – pinks and purples.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Brows

Your eyebrows are a natural frame for your eyes.  The snazzier the frame; the more the artwork will stand out.  Keep your eyebrows long and arched.  Check them once a week for stray hairs, and make sure you fill in the sparser spots before a night out.

5. Boost Your Lashes

The single best way to ensure your eyes stand out is to boost your lashes.  Bump up your mascara layers, or better still, invest in a few pairs of false eyelashes.  Your eyelashes don’t need to be wild or wacky; look for something that adds a slight depth.


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